Youth off the Streets


Charity, Education


2010, 2011, 2013


Fuel is the name we gave to a food education initiative for Father Riley's Youth off the Streets charity. The quirky A5 folder is deliberately skewed towards its young audience, using spray paint and graffiti imagery to engage with students and teach them about a healthy diet.

Quit Smoking – Wallet cards and Fuel folder inserts: We created the character of Ashey (Ash for short) for this update to the Fuel folder. She personifies all that’s bad about smoking.

Smart Money – Wallets and wallet cards: Rather than just supply another information card, we also designed paper wallet templates so that kids could make their own wallets as part of a class on money management.


"We have a new set of policies. This means we don’t do testimonials as such anymore. Sorry about this, not a decision I can make; would have loved to provide a testimonial..." Shan Short, Research & Evaluation Manager


Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Naming, Print Management, Re-touching


Educational Resource, Folder

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