Australian Cardiac Outcomes Registry
Putting things in order
The Australasian Cardiac Outcomes Registry (ACOR) was initiated in 2013 by the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand to establish a database of cardiac patient outcomes at a national level. The primary goal of ACOR is to improve outcomes following cardiac procedures and therapies.

ACOR approached Coast seeking a visual identity that would represent their pioneering spirit and sophisticated offering. It also became clear they wanted to clearly differentiate themselves from the traditionally conservative approach of associated medical bodies and professionals.

The visual solution simply alludes to the offerACOR’s database. You can easily read the acronym but when you consider the wordmark for a moment, you realise that the missing letters make up the alphabet. The ACOR database is about collating information and creating order, and the logo is an invitation to complete the picture.

The new logo speaks of an agile and spirited institution, and this is emphasised through dynamic ‘play’, in the changing arrangement of the letters on stationery (but always maintaining correct alphabetical order). Flexibility in the logo also means that it engages the user anew with each application.

In punctuation the ‘slash’ device is used as a separator, or with abbreviations, and in the logo it hints at missing information, but a diagonal line is also used to mark boxes to answer questions, or tick off tasks done. Today, slashes are most commonly seen in URLs, in a way similar to a separator in filing systems, particularly when deep within a site’s architecture. Drawing on both of these uses, we have used it in publications as a device to suggest information entered by one, by a few, and by many, building the digital database into a formidable tool.

Playing with scale we used a small ‘slash’ device to create a simple pattern for merchandise, while we encouraged large applications of the logo for signage, to add some extra oomph to interiors.

“These guys are geniuses and an absolute joy to work with. Their creativity is inspiring. I hope our paths will cross again.” Lin Turnbull, CEO