Bringing heart to business


One of the biggest challenges organisations face is how to acquire, develop and retain talent. Heartstyles goes to the core of the issue by transforming lives and developing character – giving every person in an organisation the opportunity to grow to their full potential.

Every expression of the brand was treated as an opportunity to engage the viewer – speak their language, make them smile, help them understand, give reasons to believe and a yearning to know more. The Heartstyles’ company profile is an example of this approach. The simple black and red palette, and the interplay between bold business-like type and more relaxed script, bring clarity and simplicity to the brand.

To bring a touch of individuality, and ownership to the brand identity, staff were given the opportunity to chose from a comprehensive list of messages with matching illustrations for their own suite of business cards. They are a great talking point when interacting with clients and have become so successful that clients now view the cards as collectables.

The website home page also uses familiar business imagery and bold statements to engage the viewer – the home page slider greets the user with key messages about Heartstyles’ core value promises.

The best advertising is acutely aware of its audience and speaks its language. For business publications, simple words and statements, with concise support messages, made people think again – about how their businesses were living and breathing organisms, or what the real aims of work should be.

Ring binders supplied with red and white paint pens for customisation, and quirky merchandise, bring a more informal and relaxed attitude to training.

One of the key components of the program is the ‘Heartstyles Indicator’ – an online character development tool that measures the principles and thinking driving behaviour: Humility, Love, Pride and Fear. After a thorough review of the previous design we substantially simplified the indicator making it easier to read and use. This included increasing the size of the sixteen behaviour styles, simplifying the metering (25, 50, 75 and 100%), and adding quadrant titles. As elsewhere in the identity, black is a key element. Here, it encompasses the four quadrants, grounding and strengthening the four contrasting elements, making for a more cohesive whole.

The PowerPoint presentation template is simple and clear, with the white ‘play’ space grounded by a black footer. Various elements of the brand (typography, illustrations, colours, etc.) are used to add clarity, rather than confuse. The correct ‘voice’, using a casual and friendly doodle, a clear and bold headline or some clever humour is chosen to amplify points and add rhythm and differentiation to slides.

Using black and white photography brings simplicity and strength to the brand identity. The images follow a few simple rules: feature people; demonstrate diversity; engage with the viewer; turn a negative situation into a positive by adding heart.

With an expansive ‘kit of parts’ the new brand identity is free to use intelligent illustrations purposefully. The illustration style is simple and clear using characters that are quirky and engaging. Heads are exaggerated to highlight facial expressions and emotions. The red (Heart) colour is again used as a highlight. A series of icons were also created in the same marker style and are used to highlight information, to make a special point or to hold captions or words.

To demonstrate the more lateral thinking side of the brand, we created a series of artworks themed ‘The Art of Heart’ which were then reproduced on posters and postcards. Visitors to the Heartstyles offices fall in love with the framed artworks in the foyer and can take a poster for their own workplace, or a postcard for their desk, spreading the Heartstyles message even further.

“I have never had such a professional encounter with a supplier and partner as I had with Coast Design. They gave me such a sense of hope. I felt in very safe hands. There seemed to be endless ideas, and things we could do together… it was freeing, inspiring, empowering.’’ Stephen Klemich, CEO

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