Bringing heart to business
One of the biggest challenges organisations face is how to acquire, develop and retain talent. Heartstyles goes to the heart of the issue by developing the character of the individual. The ‘heart’ of the new visual identity is represented in red and hand-drawn while the ‘business’ side of things is black and white.

To demonstrate the more lateral thinking side of the brand, we created a series of artworks themed ‘The Art of Heart’ which were then reproduced on posters and postcards. Visitors to the Heartstyles offices fall in love with the framed artworks in the foyer and can take a poster for their own workplace, or a postcard for their desk, spreading the Heartstyles message even further.

“I have never had such a professional encounter with a supplier and partner as I had with Coast Design. They gave me such a sense of hope. I felt in very safe hands. There seemed to be endless ideas, and things we could do together… it was freeing, inspiring, empowering.” Stephen Klemich, CEO.


Coast is a full service design studio based in Sydney, Australia. We help organisations shine using strategy, creativity and design. We invent names, dream up stories, write copy, craft logos, direct photography, produce books, style interiors, design posters, orchestrate films, plan signage, build websites and apps, tailor uniforms, customise wallpaper, beautify stationery and more. 
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