Hermann Anthony

Beyond uniformity
Hermann Anthony believes in magic, in creative visions interpreted into cloth, in the skill of a needle and a steady hand to make a unique impression. For too long, it has been accepted that a uniform meant monotonous clothing in utilitarian fabrics – hardly the way to improve appearances, and definitely not the way to make staff feel special. Hermann Anthony go beyond the norm, sourcing the best fabrics, suits, shirts, dresses, and accessories to create bespoke corporate workwear, unique looks that celebrate individuality and make a proud brand statement.

The name of the company was the merger of the middle names of the two owners. The visual identity celebrates the values of the brand alongside clothing created for clients.

Detail photographs are presented alongside each brand value, promoting the details.

“IT LOOKS AMMMMMAZING!!! We want your website, it’s divine, really great design. A huge bravo to you and your team – utterly enticing.” Jemma Birrell, Artistic Director, Sydney Writers’ Festival

Coast is a full service design studio based in Sydney, Australia. We help organisations shine using strategy, creativity and design. We invent names, dream up stories, write copy, craft logos, direct photography, produce books, style interiors, design posters, orchestrate films, plan signage, build websites and apps, tailor uniforms, customise wallpaper, beautify stationery and more. 
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