St Albans 
Writers’ Festival 

Big names. Small scale.

How does a bijou rural writers’ festival stand out among the mammoth city festivals? By thinking small. Coast developed a visual style that encapsulated the idea of ‘Big names. Small scale’. The wordmark used different letterforms and sizes to form a perfect whole, while scale models of the buildings and other recognisable elements of St Albans presented a quirky and crafted appearance in communications – in print and online. The whimsical imagery, suggesting another world, quickly set the festival apart from other, more impersonal, writers’ festivals and grabbed the attention of writers, publishers and the festival-going public.

The continuing journey

After modelling the local pub and church using balsa wood, paper mâché and paint in 2015, we tackled a ferry crossing the Hawkesbury River at Webb’s Creek in 2016. It played with the idea of journeying to the other side, of crossing the water to an area of tranquillity to discuss literature.

Hidden spaces.

For 2017 we modelled a literary haven in the mountains, a secret house nestled amongst the sandstone cliffs and eucalyptus trees.

Each year we took inspiration from the books of the writers attending each festival to extend the festival look across other marketing materials, and to enliven Facebook and Mailchimp campaigns. It meant all St Albans Writers’ Festival communications were instantly recognisable.

A festival needs a significant online presence, with writers’ biographies, timetables, details of sessions, an informative blog and, of course, a fully functioning ticket sales area. With multiple events and ticket permutations the website’s colourful imagery was balanced by clear and concise information with simple navigation.

“IT LOOKS AMMMMMAZING!!! We want your website, it’s divine, really great design. A huge bravo to you and your team – utterly enticing.” Jemma Birrell, Artistic Director, Sydney Writers’ Festival