Stubbs Design Tribe

Out of the shadows


Stubbs Design Tribe specialises in residential and commercial architecture, interior and landscape design. They wanted to be recognised for their innovative and stimulating designs that manipulate form, materials and light. The new logotype, rather than plainly showing its structure, subtly reveals its form and meaning through the light and shadows it creates.

Continuing the light and dark theme of the logo, and drawing on the interplay of light in Stubbs’ buildings, we created a series of shapes – a secret visual language that hints at the architecture Stubbs Design Tribe has created over time. It’s a subtle rather than obvious allusion to the work, achieved in an artistic way. These shapes create visual tension between the identity’s elements lifting the brand into a much more artistic and esoteric space.

“An awesome brand identity, the whole tribe is so thrilled with it!” Libby White, Office Manager

Coast is a marketing company based in Bondi Beach. We help businesses shine using strategy, creativity and design. We invent names, dream up stories, write copy, craft logos, direct photography, produce books, style interiors, design posters, orchestrate films, plan signage, build websites and apps, tailor uniforms, customise wallpaper, beautify stationery and so much more.

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