Facebook, Flickr, etc.

by Jonathan

February 2013

You may have noticed the three little icons in the top right hand side of our website now. Does this means we have joined the social media age? Well, yes and no. Patrick has been using Facebook for ages now, to coordinate mates for gigs, and keep people informed about his DJ parties. And Facebook seems perfectly suited to such activity. However, I groan when I read the stuff most people put on their personal pages, so I rarely visit again. And as for corporate sites, do I really want to ‘friend’ Australian bananas, as a voice on the radio¬†(in all seriousness)¬†asked me the other day. And they weren’t even pyjama-wearing plantains! Our Facebook page will therefore only inform you about our work or events related to our work. It may not be using it as Mr Zuckerberg intended but we’ll see how we go. So called business gurus say you have to be on Facebook, you should tweet, you need Pinterest, etc. to be connected to your customers. But tweeting to us just seems like a pretend connection, or someone shouting ‘look at me!’ constantly. We prefer connecting face to face over a nice cup of tea.

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Naked bananas