The Wheelhouse Ballad

by Jonathan

February 2013

Our friend, nature lover and champion bear-saver, turned thirty this week so we made him a card featuring a nonsense poem (with some no-nonsense bits):

A young boy who lived in a wheel
Had hair he just couldn’t conceal.
He used plaits for the spokes,
And proclaimed to all folks:
“It’s stronger than structural steel!”

A young lass called Jones was unfazed,
And thought Wheelhouse ought to be praised.
When his strands would rotate
At a furious rate,
She’d declare “I’m completely amazed!”

This Charlie loved rescuing bears,
He loved them as much as his hairs.
With lots of guile,
He saved them their bile,
And ensured there would be bear heirs.

Jonesy loved this green nature best,
So quickly set out on a quest,
“I will capture his heart,
And then we can start
Setting up our own cosy love nest.”

A bright shiny Penny was she,
For into the her future she could see:
A Wheelhouse and Jones
Rattling some bones,
And producing the gorgeous Heidi!

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Hair he just couldn’t conceal.