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2012, 2013


Renegades is the most significant touring exhibition of Outsider Art ever mounted in Australia. The contributors are from a mixture of social and cultural backgrounds embracing or inhabiting unconventional or eccentric views of the world. We came up with the name Renegades to encompass the radical and untraditional – art with no loyalty to particular styles or customs.

Our inspiration for the identity was the artworks and the artists themselves – people of diverse backgrounds with random and somewhat chaotic styles, coming together to convey messages and stories and create new meaning. It was important for us that the logo felt part of the works, in the language of the artists so to speak, rather than standing artily aloof from them. Ultimately the composition of the word mark ‘RENEGADES’ is a product of its environment. We styled the descriptor ‘Outsider Art’ as a dynamic label – it can be placed and positioned anywhere near the wordmark. The use of red acts as a highlight, drawing attention to itself and ultimately defining what the exhibition is.

The Renegades website has all the artworks on display, giving the viewer the full exhibition experience. It carries in-depth essays explaining outsider art and biographies for each participant and it also categorises the works into the same themes as the show itself, e.g. Distortion, Isolation, Amalgams, etc. creating a unique opportunity to explore the works in specific groupings.

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"I love the name and wordmark even more today!"; "Wonderful work, developing the website to its current state - thank you! We're delighted with it." Ingrid Hoffmann, Director, KickArts Contemporary Arts Ltd


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