A new name and identity for a unique pair of accountants who wanted an exclusive look and feel for their bespoke services. The double-lined word marque plays with the idea of two together - two partners and the relationship between the company and client - while the sub-graphics use the visual language of bank notes, the intricate interlaced lines (guilloches) that are used to deter forgery.

When Dueo moved to new offices we looked at ways to integrate guilloche patterns into the interiors, using them on the walls and office glass. But we also saw an opportunity to tie together all the themes of the identity with a large dynamic artwork. We set about sourcing old banknotes with guilloches from the homelands of the two partners, Spain (Navarro) and Italy (Polito). Importantly, they had to feature women in their designs. We found a red 10 Peseta note from Spain and green 50 Lire note from Italy (i.e. opposite ends of the colour spectrum), scanned and enlarged them, and combined he resulting prints into a three dimensional lenticular - an artwork that shows one note when viewed from one angle and the other note from the opposite angle. It plays with the idea of two again, neatly explaining the name and the patterns, but also provides a backstory on the two directors. And of course, what better to display on the wall of an accounting firm than money!


"From the start Coast opened our eyes to the advantages of great and thoughtful branding, and it's paid off." - Mons Navarro & Anna Polito, Directors


Art Direction, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Design, Illustration, Image Research, Interior Design, Launch Strategy, Naming, Print Management, Signwriting, Website Design


Wallpaper, Signage, Interiors, Stationery, Letterhead, Business Card, Compliments Slip, Template, Typeface, Postcard, Envelope, Merchandise, Mouse Mat, Coaster

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