Successful Ways


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2006, 2009, 2010, 2013


Scott Durrant of Successful Ways is a home buying dynamo, advising hundreds of first-time buyers and seasoned investors about the best way to get on the property ladder, and we have managed his varied design and print needs since 2006. Operating in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world, Sydney, we thought we should give visitors to his Successful Ways office an overview of this amazing city, so we created what we believe is the Sydney's biggest scale map to span one whole wall of his reception. A simple map of Sydney on a very wide wall would have meant a vast expanse of ocean and a narrow strip of land reaching far into the west, so we turned it through 90 degrees. This also meant individually turning every word on the map too! But the result was worth it, with the final print spanning from Terrigal to Bundeena along the glorious Pacific coast and as far as Hornsby and Bankstown in the west. We also designed the reception desk, office furniture and ottomans for the foyer.

In 2013 we created a new artwork for the reception area. Scott was looking for something that would be a talking point for clients, but also for something that communicated a subtle message about what he does. Recalling that he previously wanted to display the logos of lenders he called upon when arranging finance, we came up with this large canvas that hints at lenders' logos rather than displaying them clearly, playing with the idea that Successful Ways will search for, and unearth, the best deal for each client.


"Our logo fully compliments our business and what we are trying to achieve." Scott Durrant, Founder & Director


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